The show begins at 6:03 AM Pacific.  As of 9/24/2013 the openings have some variety to them.

  • Monday
    • The Monday opening starts with Joe playing the trombone.  The song is the theme song to 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday


  • Ugh, I didn't get much sleep last night, I was up late lamenting the choices I've made
    • Where did this come from?

Theme music:

  • The Tonight Show band playing?
    • JokeRef: Theme Music

The boys (as the theme music winds down):

  • JA: Live! from studio C,
    • One theory is that JA does this part because he can belt out the lusty "Live!" better than JG
  • JG: Si Sen~or!
    • There was one time that a listener (via email, so JG chose to read it on the air) berated him for speaking Spanish, a la the "press 1 for english" debate, and JG promised to never do that again.  He has not performed on that promise, as of 9/24/2014.
    • JokeRef: "press 1 for english"
  • JA: A dimly lit room, deep within the bowels of the Armstrong and Getty Communications Compound.  This morning we are under the tutelage of our General Manager
    • They used to record deep within the bowels of the Clear Channel Communications Compound.  One theory is that when they expanded their (already national!) show to San Diego or the Central Valley, they had to move out of the CCCC into the AGCC.
      • JokeRef: We already have a national show!
    • The daily General Manager was explained one time (way back, so I am probably mis-remembering, but could be just convoluting) that the GM is the one news story who affects your entire news day, in subtle and not-so subtle ways.  This is like the well meaning GM who is (not surprisingly) a radio executive, and not an entertainer.
      • JokeRef: radio executives
  • JG: <insert big story of the day here>
    • Sometimes there are co-GMs, sometimes there is a "rudderless ship"
  • JA: Welcome to another _live_ presentation of the Armstrong and Getty program.  (personal anecdote sometimes)
  • Let's kick of the show the way we always do, introducing everyone on the squad.  To my ... Stopped here, 092413 - H1 1:56.